Kind Words from Chris and Kay Kirkwood

This is Chris. He's a very busy man. He does logistics. Amongst many other things.

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Planning a Marquee Wedding at Home

Chris understands how to manage a project with multiple resources and is certainly not phased by a challenge. Having already planned and organised two marquee weddings at home, Chris imagined that overseeing the preparations for a third time on behalf of his daughter Miranda would be relatively straight forward.

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Is a Wedding Planner REALLY Worth the Investment?

Indeed, when Village Farm Marquees recommended that he considered hiring me to co-ordinate the occasion, his initial impulse was to question; 


"How EXACTLY does a Wedding Planner add value and is it really worth the investment?"

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I was lucky enough to catch up with Chris (and Miranda's Mum, Kay) following the wedding.

Relax and ENJOY Your Perfect Day!

Here's what they had to say... 

"You just don't realise until the day finally comes around how much you need the extra help. There are so many people involved and so many things to distract you.  The day goes by so quickly and you don't have chance to enjoy it if you are organising everything yourselves.  

The difference between not having a co-ordinator and having Helen on hand throughout Miranda's wedding day was HUGE. We were able to relax and enjoy the day so much more.  I just smiled the whole day!"

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The Extra Mile

"The same can be said for Kay. As Mother of the Bride, during the build up to the wedding her mind was on making sure everyone was taken care of. Although transport arrangements had been made for the Bridal party, the fact that there were children involved, combined with very limited car parking at the Church, gave her genuine cause for concern.  Until Helen suggested the perfect solution, offering to drive one of the Bridesmaids and her Daughter to the Church herself and quite literally going the extra mile. Coincidentally and rather unfortunately, it was the same Bridesmaid's dress whose zip fastening malfunctioned during the critical, final moments of preparation. Nevertheless, everyone made it to the Church on time, fully dressed!"

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An Immaculate Wedding Day Plan

"There are so many things you cannot possibly foresee and our biggest concern prior to the wedding was timing. Transferring 170 guests from a Church to a reception venue over 30 minutes apart and the consequences of not co-ordinating everything well enough could have been catastrophic. But we need not have worried. Helen's detailed wedding day plan was immaculate and the overall timeline ran to absolute perfection on the day.     

Despite the number of suppliers involved, we didn't feel the need to check ANYTHING. We didn't worry about forgetting things either. Quite simply, we trusted Helen. We knew EVERYTHING would be taken care of."

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Nothing But Happy Memories

"All we wanted to do was enjoy our Daughter's wedding day and thanks to Helen, we achieved that and have nothing but happy memories. 

We are so glad we worked with Helen and would recommend that anyone planning a marquee wedding does exactly the same. Don't give it a second thought. Just speak to her!"  

Chris and Kay Kirkwood (Miranda's lovely Mum and Dad)


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